In alignment with the school curriculum, the Education Bureau (EDB) organises the Mainland Exchange Programme for Students entitled “An Exploration into the Music and Culture of Beijing (2017)” (the Programme) with the aim of strengthening students’ understanding of the culture and development of music, the studying life of music majors in Beijing, the history and art culture in Beijing, as well as reflecting on the opportunities brought about by the development of art in the Mainland and Hong Kong. 


This 5-day programme is scheduled for 23 to 27 October 2017.  Details and application procedures are attached at Annex 1 to Annex 3 in the Circular Memorandum (Chinese version only).


Each school can nominate at most two groups of participants (each group consists of 10 Secondary 3 to 6 students and 1 teacher) for the Programme.  Schools can encourage students who have not participated in Mainland exchange programmes before to join the Programme, and all participation is on a voluntary basis.  Priority will be given to applications with more nominations of student members of school chorus/orchestra, students studying music at the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education level, and music teachers.  Interested schools are requested to return the completed application form (Annex 4  in the Circular Memorandum, Chinese version only) to the Students Mainland Exchange Programme Section of EDB by fax (3104 0716) on or before 17 July 2017 (Monday).  Late submissions will not be accepted. 



For enquiries, please contact the Students Mainland Exchange Programme Section, Education Bureau at 2892 5936 or 2892 6472.


For details, please refer to the Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 117/2017. [download]