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Overview of the Mainland Exchange Programmes Series


Ever since the handover of sovereignty, with the support and assistance from the Central Government, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has long been proactively publicizing National Education. With the support from the Central Government, collaboration amongst non-governmental organisations and active participation from schools, the implementation of our Mainland Exchange Programmes had been stepped up gradually. The scope of these programmes had become more comprehensive with more diversified target groups and itineraries.


In particular, the Mainland Exchange Programmes organised or commissioned by the Education Bureau had a wide coverage on target participants, including upper primary, junior secondary and senior secondary students and the training quota was consistently increasing. Nevertheless, teacher facilitators had been included in these programmes for enhancing learning quality of students.


Regarding the visiting locations, in order to suit the differentiated needs and different learning levels of students, the Education Bureau has devised different Mainland Exchange Programmes with different itineraries in different provinces.


In general, the Mainland Exchange Programmes under the “Passing on the Torch” National Education Platform cover the following three categories:


  • Programmes organised and commissioned by the EDB;
  • Programmes sponsored by the EDB and organised by service providers and schools; and
  • Other programmes organised by non-governmental organisations and professional bodies.