Junior Secondary and Upper Primary School Students Exchange Programme Subsidy Scheme: “Understanding Our Motherland” (2019/20)(Application closed)

Upload Date : 8 November 2019


This circular memorandum invites primary, secondary and special schools to participate in the captioned scheme.



The Junior Secondary and Upper Primary School Students Exchange Programme Subsidy Scheme: “Understanding Our Motherland” (the “Scheme”) aims to subsidise schools to organise school-based exchange activities for junior secondary or upper primary students to enhance their understanding of the history, culture and development of our country and broaden their horizons.


The school-based exchange activities organised for students can be conducted in Hong Kong or Mainland China.  Mainland activities may include learning activities in the Macao Special Administrative Region.  The Scheme provides different subsidy ceilings for the activities conducted in Hong Kong, within or beyond the Guangdong Province to cater for the learning needs of students.  To better facilitate schools to arrange their school-based exchange activities for the whole school year, applications for the Scheme will be received and processed in the following three batches.  Please refer to Annex 1 (Chinese version only) for the details of the Scheme.



Submission of Applications

Subsidised Activity


Notification of Results

Release of Funding*


By 10/6/2019





11/6/2019 – 30/9/2019









*Release of funding to schools is subject to the approval for the applications and the usage of the quota of the Scheme.


Successful schools are required to plan and organise the activities with reference to the “Guidelines on Outdoor Activities” (for Hong Kong activities) or the “Guidelines on Study Tours Outside the HKSAR” and the “Points to Note for Schools in Planning Mainland Exchange Activities for their Students” (for Mainland exchange activities including Macao) accordingly.  The schools are also required to follow the standard quotation and procurement procedures relevant to their respective school types when commissioning service providers to organise the activities.  They should supervise and monitor the organisation of the activities.  In addition, the schools should introduce the learning objectives and content of the activities to the parents of student participants.  Participation of students is on a voluntary basis.


Interested schools should submit the completed Application Form (Annex 2, Chinese version only) according to the schedule for application submission listed in paragraph 3 of this circular memorandum by post to the Students Mainland Exchange Programme Section, Quality Assurance and School-based Support Division, Education Bureau at Room 934, 9/F, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.



For enquiries, please contact the Students Mainland Exchange Programme Section of the EDB at 2892 6405 or 2892 5730.  For more information about the Mainland exchange programmes for students, please visit the “Passing on the Torch” website (http://www.passontorch.org.hk).


For further details of the Scheme, please refer to the Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 90/2019. (download)




Application Form (Chinese version only) (download)

Proposal Amendment Form (Chinese version only) (download)

Activity Report (Chinese version only) (download)

Funding Guidelines (Chinese version only) (download)