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Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior Secondary and Upper Primary Students 2019/20 - Passing on the Torch

Organised by the Education Bureau (Applicable to Primary and Secondary Schools)

Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior Secondary and Upper Primary Students 2019/20


The Education Bureau (EDB) organises “Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior
Secondary and Upper Primary Students (2019/20)” (the Programme). The Programme aims at providing different learning experiences for students to enhance their understanding of the history, culture, custom, urban and rural developments, economic development, technology as well as nature conservation in the Mainland (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Nanjing and Wuhan).


The EDB has commissioned service providers to organise 22 trips, between September
2019 and August 2020. The duration of the trips ranges from one to four days. Students from Primary 4 to Secondary 3 may participate. These 22 trips include 5 trips outside Guangdong Province and 17 trips in Guangdong Province, of which 3 are each divided into 2 sub-trips and 1 is divided into 4 sub-trips. Please refer to Annex 1 (Chinese version only) for details of the Programme and application procedures and Annex 2 (Chinese version only) for the itineraries and other information of these 22 trips.


Schools may apply for joining more than one of the trips within the 2019/20 school year and encourage students who have not participated in Mainland exchange programmes before to join. Participation of students is on a voluntary basis.


Schools which would like to nominate their students to participate in the Programme should download the application form from the websites of the service providers. The completed application form should be returned to relevant service provider by fax within the specified period of time [Please refer to Annex 2 (Chinese version only)] prior to the departure of the trip which the school intends to join.


For enquiries on the enrolment and itineraries, please contact relevant service providers.
For general enquiries on the Programme, please contact the Students Mainland Exchange Programme Section of the EDB at 2892 6517, 2892 6304 or 2892 5734. 


For more information about the Mainland exchange programmes for students, please refer to Education Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 106/2019 [Download].

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